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How to Create a Cohesive Bridal Party Look

By White Runway, August 6, 2018


Your big day is getting closer each day, and all you ever wanted was for your wedding to be special and beyond perfect. It’s a moment when you dream gown takes center stage, but you have to embrace the fact that you might not be the only girl that wants to look gorgeous on your perfect day. The bridesmaids’ gowns are equally important, and to our great pleasure, the latest trend of mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses is here to stay. So before you turn into a Bridezilla, and ruin your best friends’ life with the same plain dress code, here are a few tips of how to make a cohesive bridal party look in order to prevent your girls from looking like identical twins.


The right shades and fabric are everything



Mix and match bridal parties are all about highlighting each individual woman. They also allow you to experiment with different colors, fabrics and styles. To begin, choose the most flattering dress style for your bridesmaids, just to conceal their imperfections and emphasize their best features. This would make them feel more comfortable in their own skin, and thinking that you care for them will make them even happier. Afterwards, pick one or two base colors in different shades that perfectly go with each other, and let your girls decide which dress tone they prefer to wear. This way, the dresses won’t look too matchy-matchy. Neutral colors such as grey, nude or beige, suit every wedding style. Also, if you opt for the elegant shades of peach, gold, silver or almond, you will turn your wedding into a real life fairy tale. But be careful with the fabrics and don’t vary too many features. For instance, choose different colors from the previously mentioned palette, but keep the fabric and the necklines the same. Or maybe you could play with different fabrics (silk, lace, cotton) and necklines, but opt for the same color. For a true mismatching vibe, let your bridesmaids choose the dress length since it’s your wedding, and you make the rules.


Beautiful hair should always care

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It’s never a dull moment with mismatched hairdos. So, ditch your signature look and try something new. Long, loose waves flowing down the back are timeless, and most bridesmaids would go for it. Allow this hairstyle to vary by getting some bridesmaids to wear free flowing buns. If some of the girls happen to have shorter hair, there’s no time for the drama. They can always get hair extensions in Las Vegas style in order to add length and thickness to their natural hair. Plus, they are hand-made which means they are not heavy or bulky, and there goes the perfect wedding bun.


Don’t forget to include a mutual element

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To create that cohesive bridal look, you have to keep one element the same. Matching earrings or bracelets would be an ideal way to tie everyone together. If you want to bring your girls together by makeup choice, you can always choose one color lipstick that is long-lasting and suits everyone. To make it even more special and thoughtful, you can give these items as bridesmaids’ gifts. They will love it!


Flower power

If you want your wedding to look simple yet classy, then the safest way would be to go for neutral matching bouquets. If the dresses are in different shades, then your bridesmaids manicure can match the flowers, and, trust me, there will always be a guest who pays attention to those details, so it won’t be pointless. What’s more, flowers can match the flower decoration on your wedding cake.



Groomsmen count, too


For the extra fun, maybe the groomsmen’s ties or boutonnieres could complement the bridesmaids’ bouquets or their dresses. Also, if the boys want to match the bride, then going for the traditional ivory or white suits is always a good idea.

You have to think ahead and envisage how every single detail would look like on the wedding photos, or when the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are lined up at the end of the isle. So, think big picture and remember how grateful you will feel, flicking through your wedding photo album while cherishing your precious moments.


By: Bridgette Evans

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