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Couture Design Talks Wedding Invitations

By White Runway, June 29, 2017

Wedding invitations set the tone for a wedding, so it’s important to make an amazing impression on your guests. White Runway caught up with wedding invitation creative Sandra from Couture Design. Here we discussed the latest wedding trends, colour themes and design inspiration for wedding invites.



How did you start making wedding invitations?

Sandra: When I got married 10 years ago, I searched everywhere for the perfect invitation. I met with different stationers but just couldn’t find the right one. So I decided to take the plunge and do them on my own and I absolutely loved it!

After the wedding when I had no more planning to do, I found that I was still on that wedding high, and found myself feeling like I needed to continue on with something in the industry. I had so many compliments about our wedding invitations, that I thought I would start making up some sample invitations and just see what I could produce.

Family and friends’ responses were huge, so I started making stationery for their events, and then they passed my name on to their friends. From there it just turned out that I was making invitations on a day-to-day basis and absolutely loved it, so I decided to pursue it. 10 years later; I still absolutely love it! Call me crazy but I found it so therapeutic.


What is your favourite colour combination for invitations?

Sandra: White! I’ve always loved the classic simplicity of white. Add a bit of subtle gold to it or some black and you have a classic and timeless colour combination!



What inspires your designs?

Sandra: I like to keep up to date with the current trends in the fashion world – I really follow wedding sites on Instagram and Pinterest from overseas, like Italy, Greece or France, and see what they are creating for the wedding industry. And get inspiration from there – a lot of it is experimenting with different materials too – at the moment I am creating different designs with acrylic, and the possibilities are endless! Marble is a big trend at the moment too, where I draw inspiration from interior design.

Another thing I look at is my couples; sometimes they will come to me with a variety of different designs, and I sit and work with them on what they want, but some of these ideas are still in the back of my head after our meeting, and I’m able to create a whole range sometimes based on that discussion.


What are 3 upcoming trends for wedding invitations?

Sandra: I can see the acrylic invitations really taking off… I’m seeing more and more of it in so many variations. And as I said, the variations of designs with acrylic are endless! There are also a lot of the elegant and simple flat card invitations with the textured papers and soft tones that are becoming really on trend. Combining this with letter pressing in a beautiful textured card is a big trend at the moment that is becoming more popular.



What advice do you have for brides & grooms when picking out their invitation?

Sandra: I always advise my couples to keep their invitations elegant and simple. I remind them that the invitation sets the tone for the wedding, so you want your guests to receive their invitation and it just be a taste of what to expect at the wedding.

They can then see how the invitation has been tied into the rest of the wedding, with the table arrangements, decorations and the dresses etc.

A lot of the time people come to the showroom and get so overwhelmed with all the different designs, they want to try and create an invitation with so many different elements. Just keep it timeless and classic, you can’t go wrong!


What is your favourite invitation you’ve ever designed?

Sandra: I like to say that all of my pieces are my favourites, because I fall in love and get excited about each and every one of them… But if I had to name one that has always remained a favourite, it would be my ‘Christiana’ piece.

It’s got a bit of everything that speaks bridal! The lace, the crystal embellishment, being on a hard cover… I almost feel like I am giving out a gift! It’s just so pretty and elegant!



What should a bride have in mind before having an invitation consultation with you?

Sandra: Some sort of an indication of theme – Mind you I have had clients come with no theme,  and they leave knowing exactly what they are going to do from the invitations to the table centrepieces, flowers… everything! So it’s no biggie if you’re still not sure. I love to work and inspire with together with my brides and grooms.

Also having a budget in mind is always a very good idea… it’s good to have a fair idea of how much you want to spend so you know you’re limits and where you can afford to splurge a little.


What are brides asking for this season?

Sandra: I’ve had so many requests for gold and rose gold! Brides are wanting crisp clean styles with either a foil accent or letterpress.

Laser cut is a big hit at the moment too! Whether it is a small detail of it or a beautiful pocket or gate fold invitation.


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